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The Course

Check out our Hole by Hole descriptions and drone fly over footage of The Course. Set in the beautiful suburb of Cottesloe, WA, our course will test all levels. It offers challenging ocean wind conditions, tight fairways and slick greens.

3 x Club Champion Dave Cook provides an overview below of each hole and tips on how you can play the course!

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Play Sea View like 3 x Club Champion Dave Cook

Hole 1: MEN 444m WOMEN 429m
Hole 10: MEN 464m WOMEN 431m

Welcome to Sea View! Remember, the wind significantly influences your game here. The first hole illustrates this well: calm conditions make it an easy par 5, but with a strong breeze, securing par becomes challenging. Your tee shot offers a risk-reward choice: play it safe with a long iron to avoid trouble on both sides, or use the driver to aim for the green on your next shot, navigating a fairway bunker for any missteps. For your approach, note that this is one of four greens with dual flags; blue for the front 9, yellow for the back 9. The 2022-renovated, contoured green favours precise approaches. 

Hole 2: MEN 279m WOMEN 276m
Hole 11: MEN 281m WOMEN 278m

Most players opt to take a mid-iron off the tee, in order to avoid the out-of-bounds up the right-hand side or the trees to the left.   With the prevailing wind helping, this usually leaves a relatively short iron into one of the smallest greens on the course.  

A good approach can set up a genuine birdie chance, but if you miss the green you can be faced with a challenging up and down.  For such a short hole, par is a good score. 

Hole 3: MEN 349m WOMEN 273m
Hole 12: MEN 363m WOMEN 282m

With trees to the left and thick bushes to the right, there is a real premium in finding the fairway with a good tee shot.  The longer hitters can find themselves with a relatively short approach into the green, but for many the second shot requires a well struck mid-iron. 

With bunkers to the left and right, it is important not to short-side yourself with the approach.  With a green that slopes right to left, it is rare to find yourself with an easy putt 

Hole 4: MEN 149m WOMEN 129m
Hole 13: MEN 159m WOMEN 148m

The first par 3 on the course treats players to a spectacular view of the ocean.  The wind will dictate whether this hole is relatively straightforward, or if you will be need to a well struck shot in order to find the green. 

Deep bunkers to the front and right of the green will challenge your short game, but if the pin is on the left-hand side a miss left must be avoided at all costs.  However, anything landing up the left hand side of the green should benefit from a helping bounce down the slope and the possibility of a birdie putt. 

Hole 5: MEN 329m WOMEN 320m
Hole 14: MEN 291m WOMEN 202m

A very short par 4 provides players with a chance to score well, however a well struck drive is key.  With pine trees that catch balls mid-flight down the right hand-side, and a well placed fairway bunker, the optimal target is to take aim at the Surf Club building 

With a short iron in hand it is key to be precise when firing to the very shallow green, and if you miss the green long you can soon be facing a bogey or worse. 

Hole 6: MEN 329m WOMEN 320m
Hole 15: MEN 329m WOMEN 322m

Another hole that is heavily impacted by the conditions.  On a calm day a drive and wedge can see you putting for a birdie, but with a strong south-west breeze a par is an excellent score.   The fairway is generous, but the bushes to the left are to be avoided, and anything missing the bunkers to the right is going to be tough to find. 

 A narrow green with two tiers awaits, and when the pin is at the back the hole usually plays at least half a shot harder.  Bunkers guard the green to the left and right, and you must avoid going over the green at all costs. 

Hole 7: MEN 348m WOMEN 279m
Hole 16: MEN 359m WOMEN 325m

The most exposed tee box on the course has you in touching distance of the beach.  With out of bounds down the right as well as bushes and 3 fairway bunkers, most players aim for the left half of the fairway. 

The next shot is uphill and players can often be unsighted.  With another two flag green, make sure you aim at the correct flag.  With no green-side bunkers, par can be made from a number of spots, but you will need to hit it close if you are hoping for birdie. 

Hole 8: MEN 141m WOMEN 135m
Hole 17: MEN 131m WOMEN 88m

The green of this par 3 was re-modelled in 2022, providing a variety of pin placement options on this two flag green.    

It is a relatively short par 3, but requires a very well struck iron to find the right portion of the green and a more straight-forward putt.   The swale to the left and bunkers to the right will capture errant tee shots and can ruin the hopes of making par.  3-putting this green is also a genuine possibility. 

Hole 9: MEN 416m WOMEN 416m
Hole 18: MEN 455m WOMEN 423m

First time round this is the toughest hole on the course, playing as a par 4 from the men’s 9th tee, whereas the 18th is a far less intimidating par 5. 

A good drive is paramount to scoring well, but there are plenty of challenges all the way up to the green.  Once over the old road, players have a clear view of the green with sight of the bunkers to the right and the left.   For those players missing the green wide to the left, the ball will roll down the hill towards a cluster of bushes and an exceptionally challenging next shot.    

When the 9th making a par is great score, whereas the 18th presents a real chance for a birdie you can brag about in the bar 

Member Testimonial - Paul Rycroft

My introduction to Seaview Golf Club was through a Father’s Day promotion offered at the end of 2020.  It included a three months full membership and six lessons.  At the end of the promotion period, I joined the club as a Lifestyle member, and for the next two years, this membership category worked well.  I could play any time during the week, at weekends, and in all competitions.  As I played more regularly towards the end of the second year, I needed to purchase additional points as a Lifestyle member.  Consequently, in 2023 I changed my membership category to a 6-Day member and continue taking full advantage of Seaview Golf Club’s offerings.  

I’ve continued my lessons with Tristan, and although the practice area is not extensive, it’s more than adequate to practice your short game.  Also, there is no better place to watch the sun go down on a summer’s evening.  I have always found the course well-maintained, and the recent upgrades are in character with a links course designed to test players’ skills at all levels.  The new staff recently appointed have introduced a different demographic to the club with ladies’ clinics and a Junior Development program. 

As a club member, I have taken advantage of the services offered by the Pro Shop and had my clubs regripped.  I’ve also attended the free fitting session and confidently upgraded my driver and wedges.  I’ve made other purchases through the Pro Shop and compared them to the major retail golf outlets, and they have always been competitively priced. 

Although I am new to golf and enjoying the challenge, the feeling of belonging is important to me.  Sport and a club environment have played a significant role throughout my life, and being a Seaview golf club member has been no different.  In a short time, I have felt valued as a club member.  All the staff in the Pro Shop, including Shelley and Jenny in the office and the bar staff, greet me by name.  Interstate and overseas guests I’ve introduced to the club have all been met with the same courtesy and made to feel welcome.  As a new member at Seaview, I’ve had the opportunity to renew existing friendships and establish new ones providing me with many playing partners for social games and competition rounds.   

I look forward to developing my golf game at Seaview and maintaining my association with the club for many years. 

The History...

History reveals that in 1909, a group of men stood at Broome Street, Cottesloe and overlooked a waste scrubland. Beneath the drab scrub and sandhills they envisaged a series of immaculate fairways, greens and trees. A desire was born to build their own links and play golf. The first occupant of the Reserves was the Cottesloe Golf Club. It wasn't until 1931 Sea View was formed and took over the lease. Sea View is a true links A grade championship course located in the picturesque beachside suburb of Cottesloe alongside a beautiful beach and looking out over the ocean to Rottnest Island. The nine hole repeating course has been designed to test your skills. It presents a highly regarded test for players of all levels, but is also renowned for its playability. Sea View is a course that will at time make you play to your potential.

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